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Nov 25th - National Tree Week

National Tree Week

10 interesting facts about Trees

  1. Oaks don’t produce acorns for their first 20 years
  2. An average tree is made up of 99% dead cells, only around 1% of it is alive at any time.
  3. An oak spends 300 years growing, 300 years resting and 300 years declining gracefully.
  4. A hollow tree is often a healthy strong tree.
  5. Trees shrink as they become ancient, becoming shorter and squatter.
  6. There are Eucalyptus trees in Hawaii with natural rainbow-colored barks.
  7. Since 1981, every Chinese citizen over 11 has been required to plant three trees per year.
  8. The Sandbox Tree is a tree that is not only covered in poisonous spikes, but also has fruit that can explode and propel seeds at 160 mph
  9. The Manchineel tree, native to Florida is considered the most poisonous tree in the world.
  10. The UK has the largest concentration of ancient trees in Northern Europe.


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